CoreTrack Driver
A checklist is created on the CoreTrack platform, which allows the driver to move around the vehicle and complete inspection.
The driver can also take a picture of any affected area as evidence. This helps you know which vehicle requires replacement or repair. These reports can be downloaded or shared if required. A paperless inspection is possible with CoreTrack Driver App. Manage daily inspection reports easily.

Easy inspection
With the help of the checklist and snapshot feature, inspection becomes easier for the driver.
- Facilitate your report with Multiple images.
- Signature of your Mechanics, Driver and Carrier with every inspection.
- Categories your Post Trip and Pre Trip Inspection.

Increase vehicle efficiency
When vehicles are inspected regularly, the chances of wear and tear decreases.

Easy Expense
-Add Expense for Vehicle assigned to you.
-List of Complete Expense made by you.

Increase the efficiency and performance of your Vehicle Inspection in Paperless way at real time.



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