The Container Tracking System saves your moving assets from many risks by real-time tracking and securing the containers from hijacking and theft. Our eLock GPS Tracker protects the container until it reaches its destination. There are many possibilities where the normal GPS tracking system fails in protecting the asset kept inside the fleet. The advance asset tracking solution consists of a high resistant padlock and GPS tracking system which provides complete security, monitoring, and tracking for your container. The system generates various alerts to inform you about every activity happening with your cargo like unlocking, locking the elock, enter & exit geofence, etc.

Secure Locking

Through wireless technology, users can open the GPS lock remotely by SMS password (commands) or ON/OFF button in the mobile application. If there is no cellular network, the user can also open the lock by the RFID tags on the spot.

Easy Installation

As the GPS tracking device is itself a PadLock, it does not require complicated installation in the vehicle’s dashboard. The GPS eLock Tracker is simply hanged on the container’s door just like other normal locks.

Trip Analysis

The container tracking system provides trip summary reports for the complete trip analysis of all the trips. The trip playback generated by the system can be used as great evidence in the near future.

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