It is very easy for everyone to trace the fuel consumption of one or two vehicles. But if the number of vehicles increases above 10, fuel level tracking for all of them becomes quite tough. At this situation, there are chances of frauds that can happen with you like fuel theft and other misuses of fuel funds. To identify such activities you need an accurate Fuel Monitoring System. Our Fuel monitoring system requires GPS tracker attached with a fuel rod sensor that helps you acquire live fuel insights like fuel levels, fuel refills, pilferages in our GPS tracking software. This solution prevents low fuel or emergency refilling and thus bringing a great level of efficiency to your fuel management.

Fuel Reporting

Analyze actual fuel consumption of the vehicle for any specified period, and fuel burns for every single vehicle and for the whole fleet and also compare the value to the standard value.

Fuel Level Graph

Monitor the accurate fuel level of your fleet’s fuel tank while sitting anywhere, anytime. You can also see the historical fuel level variations in the vehicle tank for a specified period presented as a graph.


Reduce Fuel Theft

After the vehicle has been installed and configured with the Fuel Monitoring System, you can get alerts for every fuel refills and fuel pilferages on the software as well as your mobile phone to inform you about every fuel activity so that you can take instant actions.

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Enhance fleet management and gain valuable business insights. Combining advanced, real-time vehicle tracking with powerful analytical software, our fleet management software is one of the most sophisticated business analysis packages available in the marketplace.