CoreTrack Support is a complete project management solution which offers a wide range of services including installation and maintenance of GPS tracking hardware. For efficient fleet tracking and management, the installation part should be executed carefully and error-free. CoreTrack delivers on time and cost-effective GPS Hardware services to businesses, individuals and companies regardless of the fleet size. As having a huge team of highly trained service engineers across Zambia, we can simultaneously reach multiple locations of vehicles to be installed or maintained which allows you to save your time and avoid the extra cost.

Telematics Device & Accessories

Our trained technicians possess knowledge about every aspect of the telematics products and which installation method to execute based on the type of GPS trackers and external accessories like sensors, camera, SOS, etc.

Periodic Maintenance

CoreTrack offers regular maintenance of existing tracking hardware like replacement of GPS tracker or accessories, reinstallation of the same devices, and checkup or repair of telematics devices.

Vehicles We Install

From small cars to heavy duty vehicles, our service engineers can install all types of vehicles with high efficiency. If your fleet vehicles are not common to others, then you can definitely try our CoreTrack Support solution.

Training To Customers

Once our technicians are done with the installation or maintenance work, they provide necessary instructions to you and your drivers about the service and guidelines to follow to avoid tear and wear of telematics hardware.

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