Transporting perishable products always is surrounded by certain risks due to temperature issues. If the temperature value drops or goes above the standard value, it can affect the quality of the products in the refrigerated containers. Therefore, there should be constant monitoring of the refrigerated cargo during the trips. CoreTrack helps you to monitor the temperature of your refrigerated vehicle in real-time with our best Temperature Monitoring System. This advanced telematics solution also assists you to control the temperature during the trip, if it goes above or below the given range. Thus, you can ensure high-graded quality product delivery every time with CoreTrack Temperature Monitoring System Solution.

Temperature Calibration

Provide the range of temperature (the lowest and the highest temperature value) you wish to have for your perishable products to keep it fresh. This calibration is necessary for easy detection of temperature fluctuation during the trip.

Temperature Reports 

To make your analysis more effective, detailed reports like temperature summary and status are generated by the Temperature Monitoring System.

Temperature Controlling

The system ensures you get notified for every temperature variations takes place in the fleet’s storage area. When the temperature is found to be different than the predefined range, the system generates an alarm for the un-safe temperature.

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