Tire pressure, which is sometimes considered as unnecessary, but plays a vital role in vehicle safety. Therefore, you should take care to avoid under pressured or over-pressured tires and prevent road accidents. Improperly inflated tires not only cause accidents but also leads to higher Carbon emission. If you want to protect your vehicles from such threats, you need proper monitoring of your fleet tires. And that can be provided by the Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). TPMS offers accurate readings of tire pressure of all of your fleet on a single system. This system is suitable for the vehicles having any number of tires up to 20.

Tire Management

The TPMS allows you to add up to 20 tires per vehicle, and manage tires for your entire fleet. Therefore, you can easily monitor each and every tire individually from anywhere, anytime and without any extra efforts.

Tire Status

This system has provided any easy way to check the real-time status of the vehicle’s tire for proper air pressure through your smartphone and protect your fleet from many risks. Properly inflated tires ensure tire longevity and prevent mileage drops.

Air Pressure Monitoring

You can practice a good habit with TPMS by checking tire pressure after loading the fleet and before every trip. Thus, it shows you un-safe pressure levels of vehicle’s tires and assists you to have a safe set of tires.

Tire Temperature

The tire pressure monitoring sensors attached to the tires also sense the tire temperature generated due to the friction between the vehicle tires and the road. Thus, the system provides an accurate tire temperature reading of your fleet.

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