What are Video Analytics?

Video analytics software was created to help review the growing hours of surveillance video that a security guard or system manager may never have time to watch - your video surveillance system is only as useful as the incidents you can actually capture and watch, and video analytics will help you find them.

Using video analytics makes your surveillance system more efficient, reduces the workload on security and management staff, and helps you capture the full value of security video by making your IP camera system more intelligent in its work.

How Video Analytics Software Works

Video analytics software for security cameras is available in several forms: installed on your camera, on your NVR, or as 3rd party software you buy. Each version will do the same thing, however - monitor your videos to search for and alert you to activity.

Each video analytics solution will work a bit differently depending on the manufacturer and application. They all work in the same basic way, however - when setting up the software you set up parameters to the activity the software is looking for, set up the alert notification system, and when the software detects something that meets its search criteria it alerts you.

For example, many businesses use surveillance systems to detect motion in their store after hours. You can set your system to motion detection during the hours your business is closed, so if it detects motion it will send you an email - a quick response that may help you react quickly to a break-in or accident.

How Video Analytics Can Help You

The old idea of a video surveillance system is of a security guard sitting in a booth watching the security camera feed live, hoping to catch suspicious activity. This model relies on having a live person watching and reviewing all your video, however, which is not practical or efficient. Different security guards may have differing levels of focus or different ideas of suspicious activity.

Video management software changes this system by using software to monitor your video feed around the clock, alerting you to activity so you only need to watch the cameras when something happens. This will help you best utilize your surveillance system, saving you time and effort.

Video analytics can be used for:

  • Motion detection
  • Facial recognition & license plate reading
  • People counting & dwell time monitoring for retail stores
  • Recognizing long lines at checkout and sending alerts
  • And more - Contact our video surveillance experts today to get personalized recommendations for your needs!

Video analytics software comes with a wide range of features, making them easy to fit into any surveillance system. Choose from software that supports every system, from the smallest systems to large multi-campus systems. A variety of leading manufacturers create video analytics software, including Milestone.

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