We have support for over 400 devices. We can easily integrate any new devices using the protocol document.
Absolutely – you can access historic and real-time data based on information from the tracking device.
Once data is collected, asset platform can access an asset’s data via the secure and familiar software interface of CoreTrack system. Functionality includes to locate and track assets, view asset diagnostics like battery status and signal strength, and export a full list of assets. Historical tracking allows viewing of detailed trip replays, distances traveled and previous events
We sale a variety of tracking devices. You can check our online shop for the available devices on sale.
We have developed our own maps. You can use your own preferred maps also by purchasing the map keys.

Our software is compatible with any type of SMS gateways.

Please visit www.coretracksystems.com. Kindly click on the Live Demo button on the home page of the website. Fill the required details by selecting your desired product. The demo credentials will be shared to your Email address.

We have designed video tutorials of our solution on our Youtube Channel. You can visit the link to explore our solutions in detail: 

We provide free of charge software training to all our clients. Also, our video tutorials will help you to explore our solution at your convenience.

We have a framework designed specially to help you with the migration procedure.

Yes, we have an API to achieve the integration task.

We provide free of charge support to empower our customer in the journey. We have created a help-desk knowledge base in the form of video tutorials and a ticketing system.



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